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Meeting your needs by diversifying our services and offers

As an operator, you aim to lower the costs to provide the best pricing possible while improving your performance:

  • Reduce the locomotives’ displacement for maintenance
  • Work in France and bordering countries
  • Decrease the number of trains in reserve
  • Limit requests for assistance and waste of time
  • Adapt the organisations of maintenance upon arrival of new series, new maintenance cycles, ….

Maintenance d'exploitation



MASTERIS provides an emergency hotline for your drivers to have a telephone support in case of a breakdown on track. This service aims for preliminary assessment of the breakdown and advise the driver.

Telephone resources :

  • A single interlocutor working 24/7
  • Bilingual technicians : French-German

Service framework

  • In some cases, the driver may be able to get the train running again by using the breakdown guide if the driver sees fit after discussion with the hotline operator.
  • As part of the emergency hotline, the operator will use the information provided by the driver to draft recommendations
  • In all cases, the driver is the only person in charge of making the decision to start the train again as well as its consequences, and of the application of traffic regulations.
  • The assistance may also be used to plan for rapid response or to schedule work in a maintenance Technicentre
  • This applies to the following series: BB75000, BB75100, BB27000, and BB37000…



MASTERIS set up an intervention team for when your equipment cannot be moved to a Technicentre, or if the Technicentre requires specific skills.
Mobile resources:

  • 8 bilingual (French-German) maintenance agents,
  • 3 vehicles,
  • Specific test equipment: KVB, ATESS…
  • A full range of skills for the each rail craft: diesel engine, mechanics, electric, brakes, safety gear….


  • Interventions in France as well as bordering countries (Germany, Belgium…)
  • Preventive and corrective interventions, improvement of reliability, in support of Technicentre or in complete autonomy.
  • Interventions in SNCF Technicentres or other facilities
  • Estimations
  • Interventions on the following series: BB75000, BB75100, BB27000, BB37000, VOSSLOH, E37500, BR186…